3335-23-03 Definitions.

As used in the code:

(A)   “University premises” includes all lands, buildings, facilities, and resources owned, leased, managed, or operated by the university.

(B)   “Student” includes an individual who has been admitted to the university, paid an acceptance fee, registered for classes, or otherwise entered into any other contractual relationship with the university to take instruction.

(1)  It further includes persons who are eligible to receive any of the rights and privileges afforded a person who is enrolled at the university;

(2)  Student status lasts until an individual graduates, is dismissed, or is not in attendance for two complete, consecutive terms;

(3)  “Student” also includes registered student organizations.

(C)  “Members of the university community” includes, but are not limited to, students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus.

(D)  “Complaint” includes information alleging a violation of the code of student conduct or other published rule, policy, standard, or guideline applicable to students at the university, provided to an authorized university official, per paragraph (A) of rule 3335-23-05 of the Administrative Code.

(E)  “Crime of violence” includes the offenses stated in section 2901.01 of the Revised Code.

(Board approval dates: 3/2/2001, 12/7/2007, 4/6/2012, 4/8/2016, 9/2/2016)