3335-111-02 Purpose.

The purpose of the self-governing, democratically organized medical staff, which is accountable to the Ohio state medical center board for the quality of care provided to the patients of the CHRI shall be:

(A)  To maintain exemplary standards of medical care for all patients at the CHRI. To assure continuity of care and treatment for the individual patient throughout the course of his or her illness, and to assure ongoing support and care for cancer survivors. To commit to being responsive to the needs of all CHRI patients and to communicate compassionately and effectively concerning matters of patient care.

(B)  To support and encourage research, with an emphasis on the prevention and treatment of cancer; to actively encourage patients to participate in clinical trials and other research, and to foster research programs to enhance and advance the educational and patient care programs.

(C)  To support educational programs for health care and other professionals, patients and families, and the community, with an emphasis on cancer-related education; to elevate and advance the educational standards of our professions, including pre and post medical or osteopathic students, nursing students, students of the allied medical professions, and students of other health professional colleges.

(D)  To provide a means to identify and review medical problems, assure adherence to regulatory and accreditation standards, review and revise policies and procedures; and to provide a means for establishing and maintaining standards of professional, medical and educational performance, evaluation and discipline within the medical staff, and harmonious cooperation and understanding among the units comprising the CHRI.

(E)  To provide research, education, and service programs to benefit the mental, physical, and environmental health of the citizens of the state of Ohio, the region, the nation, and the world and to facilitate dissemination of medical knowledge to health professionals and the public.

(Board approval dates: 9/1/1993, 12/6/1996, 9/1/1999, 12/3/1999, 6/2/2000, 11/4/2005, 9/18/2009, 10/29/2011, 4/8/2011)