84-16 Standards of practice

(A)  Surgical schedules shall be reviewed by the attending surgeon prior to the day of surgery. Attending surgeons must notify the operating room prior to the first scheduled case that they are physically present in the hospital and immediately available to participate in the case. Attending surgeons may accomplish this by being physically present in the operating room or by calling the operating room to notify the staff of such immediate availability. The operating room must be informed of the attending surgeon's availability prior to anesthetizing the patient. The only exception is in an emergency situation, where waiting might compromise the patient's safety.

(B)  All medical staff members must abide by the quality and safety protocols that may be defined by the medical staff administrative committee and the Wexner medical center board.

(C)  Inpatients must be seen daily by an attending physician with no exceptions to provide the opportunity of answering patient and family questions.

(Board approval dates: 4/8/2011, 4/6/2016)