84-04 Consultations

(A)  Consultation requirements.

When a patient care problem is identified that requires intervention during the hospital stay that is outside the attending or courtesy medical staff member's area of training and experience, it is the responsibility of the attending or courtesy medical staff member or his or her designee, who is appropriately credentialed by the hospital, to obtain consultation by the appropriate specialist. The consultation may be ordered by the responsible medical practitioner, a member of the limited staff, or another licensed healthcare professional with appropriate clinical privileges as designated in these rules and regulations. If a consultation is ordered prior to ten a.m., the consult shall occur on the same business day. If a consultation is ordered after ten a.m., the consult shall occur within twenty-four hours. Irrespective of consultations each patient is continuously assessed and reassessed and his or her plan for care is modified as necessary.

(B)  Responsibility to monitor consultations.

It is the duty of the medical staff through its clinical departmental chiefs and the medical staff administrative committee to assure that members of the staff comply in the matter of requesting consultations as needed.

(C)  Consultation contents.

A satisfactory consultation shall include examination of the patient, examination of the medical record, and a written opinion signed by the consultant that is made a part of such record. If operative procedures are involved, the consultation note, except in an emergency, shall be recorded prior to the operation.

(Board approval dates: 9/6/2002, 11/4/2005, 6/6/2008, 9/18/2009, 4/8/2011, 4/6/2016)