84-02 Admission procedures.

  1. Except in an emergency, in the interest of assignment to the appropriate service area, no patient shall be admitted to the hospital until after a provisional diagnosis has been stated by the patient's attending physician or other licensed healthcare professional who is appropriately credentialed by the hospital and under the supervision of the collaborating medical staff member. The request for admission shall also include the following information:
    1. Any facts essential for the protection of the general hospital population against unnecessary exposure to infectious and other communicable diseases.
    2. Any information which shall warn responsible hospital personnel of any tendency of any patient to try to commit suicide or to injure others because of mental disturbance.
    3. Any information concerning physical condition or personality idiosyncrasy which might be objectionable to other patients who might be occupying the same or adjoining rooms.
  2. In the event that a patient is presented to the hospital with an illness, emotional problem, or condition which is the result of alcoholism or drug abuse and which substantially impairs the patient's affairs and social relationships (including indications of self-harm such as attempted suicide or suicidal gestures), it is the responsibility of the attending physician to provide for a proper comprehensive plan of care, including emergency care.

    If a patient with a mental disorder is treated in the hospital for a medical condition, it shall be the responsibility of the attending physician to notify hospital or medical staff personnel of the existence of the mental or substance disorders and to order such precautionary measures as may be necessary to assure protection of the patient and the protection of others whenever a patient might be a source of danger.

    It shall also be the attending physician's responsibility to address the underlying mental health or substance abuse problem and when indicated, refer the patient to an appropriate or dedicated facility dealing with alcoholism/drug abuse or mental health problems.

(Board approval dates: 9/6/2002, 9/18/2009, 4/6/2016)