07  Emergency preparedness

(A)  Emergency care.

Emergency care is considered to be treatment rendered to stabilize the patient prior to transport to the Ohio state university hospital's emergency department or other appropriate facility as the patient's condition dictates.

(B)  Disaster preparedness.

In case of a civil, military, natural emergency or disaster, patients may be discharged from the CHRI, moved to other community hospitals, or moved to other facilities made available for the care and treatment of patients, by the order of the director of medical affairs of the CHRI or the director of medical affairs designated agent, to preserve life and health, to make room for more critically ill or injured patients sent to the hospitals from a disaster area or for the purpose of saving lives and to provide adequate medical care and treatment.

(Board approval dates: 11/4/2005, 2/6/2009, 4/6/2016)