3335-23-15 Committee on academic misconduct

(A)  On behalf of the committee, the coordinator may investigate and resolve all reported cases of student academic misconduct that fall under the committee’s jurisdiction. The coordinator and chair shall establish procedure for the investigation and resolution of cases. The committee does not hear cases involving academic misconduct in professional colleges having a published honor code. These colleges shall follow their own codes and procedures which can be obtained in their respective central offices. Some allegations against graduate students that fall under the committee’s jurisdiction may also implicate the university policy and procedures concerning research misconduct and/or graduate school policy on the investigation of allegations of research misconduct by a graduate student. Upon receipt of such an allegation, the coordinator shall meet with the dean of the graduate school or designee, and/or the senior vice president for research or designee, and these parties shall mutually agree on the appropriate procedure for adjudicating the case. Notice of this decision and a description of the procedure to be used shall promptly be given to the student who has been charged. The coordinator or chair may refer complaints to the student conduct system if it is determined that the academic misconduct allegation is incidental to some other misconduct.

(B)  The committee on academic misconduct is constituted according to rule 3335-5-48.7 of the Administrative Code.

(C)  All complaints of academic misconduct shall be reported to the coordinator of the committee.

(D)  Students have an obligation to report suspected misconduct.

(E)  A quorum for a hearing shall be no fewer than four voting members of the committee which shall include no fewer than one student member and two faculty members.

For cases involving graduate students, reasonable efforts will be made to have graduate students serve as the student members of the hearing committee.

(Board approval dates: 3/2/2001, 7/7/2006, 4/6/2012, 4/8/2016)