3335-23-13 Hearing bodies

(A)  In addition to the committee on academic misconduct, the university conduct board, the director of student conduct, hearing officers within the student conduct system, the coordinator of the committee on academic misconduct, university housing professional staff are to be considered as official university hearing bodies, and may hear cases of alleged violations of the code affording the respondent the same procedural guarantees as provided in hearings by a committee or board.

(B)  The respondent has the right to accept responsibility for the charges, which will result in an administrative decision, or choose to have a hearing.

(C)  Students will generally be afforded the right to choose an administrative or board hearing, except under special circumstances when, in order to ensure a fair and just process, the hearing officer may determine the appropriate hearing venue.

(Board approval dates: 3/2/2001, 12/7/2007, 4/6/2012, 4/8/2016, 9/2/2016)