3335-1-05 University organization

(A)  University organization. For the purpose of administering the various programs of the university, there shall be established educational and administrative units within the university. All educational units, except academic centers as outlined in Faculty Rule 3335-3-36, of the university shall be established, altered, or abolished only on vote of the board of trustees.

(B)  Basic educational organization of the university. The basic organization of the educational units of the university shall be departments, divisions, schools, academic centers, colleges, regional campuses, the graduate school, and the agricultural technical institute.

  1. Schools, departments, and divisions. The unit of the university for instruction, research, and extension in a defined field of learning is the school, department, or division.
  2. Academic centers. The unit of the university for research, instruction, or related service which crosses department, division, school, or college boundaries is the academic center.
  3. Colleges and graduate school. For educational administration the university shall be organized into a graduate school and fifteen colleges. The fifteen colleges are: the college of arts and sciences, the college of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences, the Max M. Fisher college of business, the college of dentistry, the college of education and human ecology, the college of engineering, the Michael E. Moritz college of law, the college of medicine, the college of nursing, the college of optometry, the college of pharmacy, the John Glenn college of public affairs, the college of public health, the college of social work, and the college of veterinary medicine.
  4. Graduate school. The graduate school shall consist of: those members of the university faculty who are approved to give graduate instruction; a graduate faculty; the research and graduate council; and an administration composed of a curriculum committee, an executive committee, the dean, the secretary and such other administrative officers as are necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the graduate school.
  5. Regional campuses. There shall be four regional campuses of the university located at Lima, Mansfield, Marion, and Newark, Ohio.
  6. Agricultural technical institute. The unit of the university for instruction leading to the associate of applied science degree in the agricultural technologies is the agricultural technical institute (Wooster). Regarding matters of administration and operation, the agricultural technical institute shall function as a school in the college of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences.

(Board approval dates: 2/1/1980, 7/8/1983, 7/12/1985, 6/4/1993, 12/5/2003, 6/7/2005, 7/11/2008, 2/11/2011, 8/28/2015, 8/19/2021)